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fireflyicons_ee's Journal

Firefly Icons: Every Episode
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This community was made so that everyone could be able to find an icon from their favorite scene, of their favorite episode, of their favorite television show.

  1. You will have to finish fifty icons for your episode.

  2. You will have a month to finish it.

  3. An episode can only have two icon makers, so their will be a total of 100 icons in the end.

All you have to do TEN of these themes.

  1. Love

  2. Family

  3. Evil

  4. Black and White

  5. Angry

  6. Sadness

  7. First

  8. Last

  9. Day

  10. Night

  11. Red

  12. Blue

  13. Green

  14. Shine

  15. Dark

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Are you done with your icons? Or do you want to see the others who have meet the challenge? Go to the Hall of Fame.

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